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Necklace to check your Diet

Scientists have innovated a new advanced necklace that acts like your conscience when you overindulge or overeat. Something delicious, and it’s perfectly natural cannot be left without tasting it and follows with natural is the weight gain. Now there is a new way to assist your diet and you can carry your dietician where ever you go. Because, this necklace is going to maintain your food stuffs.

In-case,you eat according to what this necklace says, who knows you might achieve your perfect weight.
This necklace is named as WearSens, that is made of a metal ring that goes around your neck and has a sensor which uses the vibrations in your throat to tell when you are eating and drinking.

Also this device can be linked with smartphone app which reminds once you exceed your daily calorie limit.
Based on research scientist told, it works because each food makes a distinctive pattern of vibrations in the neck so the device is able to find out what you are consuming using a sensor, which measures changes in pressure or force.

The WearSens is one ‘accessory’ every man and woman would like to possess.necklace-main

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