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Neena Kulkarni on Diwali Fashion about working with SRK in the #NotJustACadburyAd and more

by Harshita Dagha

Dazzling in a subtle green, Neena Kulkarni is the perfect combination of minimalism and chic in the #NotJustACadbury ad.

Having crossed 23 Million views on the internet, the ad is not just a trend, but a trendsetter.
“It is one of the most heartwarming ads people are seeing,” Neena Kulkarni commented emphasizing on the noble deed the ad was doing. She further added on how SRK added light to the Diwali ad.
“A classy and understated look always works,” Kulkarni adds, humbly sharing all the credit of her subtly elite look with Sanjana, Shruti and Swapnil
who contributed to hair, make-up and lighting.
Safely passing as Cadbury’s of the most noble and creative ads, SRK endorses your favourite neighborhood store with the help of an AI fed algorithm.
“I just hope the whole world sees it. It is a very noble ad,”
Neena Kulkarni wishes with a bright spark in her voice.

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