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Nepal PM Prachanda resigns

After serving the country for nine months in his second term as Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has tendered his resignation. Prachanda announced his resignation from the post of Nepal’s Prime Minister while he was addressing the nation in a live telecast. His second term as Prime Minister was as per the power sharing agreement between his party and the Nepali Congress, which is the ruling partner. The agreement between the two parties, CPN (Maoist Centre) and Nepali Congress, was reached on August 3, 2016. As per the agreement, it was decided that Prachanda would be the Prime Minister for 9 months, post which he would submit his resignation.

After Prachanda’s resignation, the next Prime Minister of Nepal will be Sher Bahadur Deuba, who is the president of Nepali Congress party. Now, Deuba will serve as the Prime Minister of Nepal till parliamentary elections are held in February 2018. As per the agreement, Pranchanda was supposed to resign after the local polls, which were held this month. Now, the next elections, which include provincial and central polls, will be held under Deuba. It may be recalled that millions of people had voted in the local polls held this month, which was organized after a gap of nearly 2 decades. 

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