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New efficacy tests independently prove LANXESS Virkon S and Virkon LSP highly effective against ASF

Cologne – With African Swine Fever (ASF) continuing its rapid spread across Europe, China and Southeast Asia, and with no vaccine or other medical treatment currently available, specialty chemicals company LANXESS recently submitted their premium livestock veterinary disinfectants, Virkon S and Virkon LSP, for independent evaluation against the virus.

The efficacy testing for both was undertaken by the Centre for Animal Health Research (CISA) in Madrid, Spain, in accordance with the EN 14675 test method, which was modified to enable testing against the ASF virus. CISA is the European Union reference laboratory for ASF  since 2002.

Virkon LSP achieved complete inactivation of the ASF virus at a 1:400 dilution rate with a 10 minute contact time, with Virkon S killing the pathogen in just 5 minutes at 1:200 dilution.

The test method employed included the presence of high organic soiling, hard water and was conducted at low temperature (10˚C), in order to assess both Virkon S and Virkon LSP’s performance and suitability for use in real world ‘on-farm’ conditions.

 “These new test results provide independently proven data on the ability of Virkon S and Virkon LSP to effectively and completely kill the African Swine Fever virus rapidly, in real farm conditions,” Stephan Cho, Head of Market Segment Disinfection in the Material Protection Products business unit (MPP) at LANXESS, explains.

“Implementing strict biosecurity barrier controls is the only real and proven way of stopping the spread of ASF from one swine production facility to another,” Cho continues. “Therefore, producers need to achieve the highest possible levels of biosecurity, utilizing independently proven effective disinfectants, to help prevent and control the spread of this catastrophic disease”.

As part of their commitment to providing biosecurity advice and support, LANXESS has developed the Virkon 360° approach to biosecurity, focusing on the key elements of biosecurity best practice for surfaces, equipment, air, and drinking water delivery systems.

In addition, the company is offering global swine producers timely advice on the clinical symptoms of ASF and guidance on implementing enhanced biosecurity best practice protocols across the range of possible infection vectors, including, transport and service vehicles, animal housing, moveable equipment, personnel and visitors, footwear, wild boar, other animals and birds. 

Virkon – the science to kill pathogens

“Virkon disinfectants are scientifically formulated to address the major disease concerns facing modern livestock production. These formulations, based on extensive scientific research, offer swine producers disinfectant solutions with performance characteristics that have defined biosecurity standards for over 30 years, making them the disinfectants of choice to help prevent and control the spread of epidemic diseases such as ASF,” adds Cho.


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