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New Generation of WatchGuard Firewalls Enable Mid-Size Enterprises

to Keep Pace with Explosive Growth in Encrypted Traffic

  • Dramatic increase in security horsepower vaults WatchGuard’s new Firebox® M400 and M500 firewalls past competition by up to 149 percent in encrypted traffic inspection and up to 61 percent in overall performance
  •  Encrypted traffic expected to draw 50 percent of all malware by 2017; Advanced processing capacity critical to ensure IT pros can turn on all defense-in-depth security layers with confidence

SEATTLE, Washington – November 272014: WatchGuard® Technologies, a leader in multi-function firewalls, today announced next-generation firewall (NGFW) and unified threat management (UTM) appliances specifically engineered for mid-size and distributed enterprises, which are struggling to effectively and affordably secure networks in the face of explosive growth in bandwidth rates, connection speeds and encrypted traffic. The WatchGuard Firebox® M400 and M500 appliances, based on the latest Intel® Pentium™ and Intel® Celeron™ Processors, are up to 61 percent faster than competing solutions with all layers of the company’s award winning defense-in-depth solutions turned on , and up to149 percent faster performing HTTPS inspection, ensuring enterprises never have to compromise network security for performance.

Recent industry reports focus on the rise of encrypted traffic and the importance of addressing threats within those encrypted streams. According to a Gartner report entitled Security Leaders Must Address Threats from Rising SSL Traffic: “With more and more encrypted traffic, this trend is likely to expand rapidly. Gartner believes that, in 2017, more than half of the network attacks targeting enterprises will use encrypted traffic to bypass controls, up from less than five percent today. “

“The demands facing mid-size and distributed enterprise networks in India are the same as those faced by large enterprise networks just a few years ago,” said Mr Scott Robertson, Vice President APAC & Japan for WatchGuard Technologies. “With the growth in encrypted traffic, combined with Internet traffic increasing at 21 percent  and connection speeds climbing at 42 percent , businesses are demanding firewalls that can keep pace. Our customers do not want to be forced to choose between protecting their networks and ensuring their end-users have the performance needed to do their jobs and with our new Firebox solutions, they don’t have to.”

All WatchGuard NGFW and UTM appliances run on WatchGuard’s Fireware OS, which is built on the latest Intel® Pentium™ and Intel® Celeron™ Processors, allowing WatchGuard’s firewall performance to continually scale. “Intel’s processors give our firewall solutions the power needed to run all of their engines in parallel without causing a bottleneck in performance. Plus, it gives us ‘head room’ to add future engines as security trends demand,” added Robertson. “Our operating system is uniquely architected for speed.”

“WatchGuard Firebox M400 and M500 appliances that utilize the latest generation of Intel® Core™ Processors for inspecting network traffic take advantage of new Intel® QuickAssist technology, which instantly provides a performance boost.” said 

Mr Steve Price, General Manager of Intel’s Communications Infrastructure Division. “Customers now have the ability to run their security systems at full throttle without sacrificing performance.”

The WatchGuard Firebox M400 and M500 also provide the flexibility of two SFP (small form-factor pluggable) ports that can feature either 1 Gb copper or 1 Gb fiber connections, ensuring that firewalls can adapt to end-user environments. SFP transceivers are available as optional accessories. Both models feature the WatchGuard Fireware OS, v.11.9.4. This software version includes new features to simplify deep inspection of HTTPS traffic, allowing users to include names instead of numbers in their policy definitions.

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