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New lawsuits to be filed against US President Donald Trump

Officials in Maryland and the US capital Washington will be launching new lawsuits against US President Donald Trump. The lawsuits against Trump relate to accepting payments and benefits from foreign government. It has been alleged that Trump accepted such payments and benefits through his business empire. Earlier also, a similar case was filed by an NGO, but this is the first time that government entities are filing a case against Trump. The lawsuit to be filed today is based on the emoluments clause, which bans US officials from taking gifts or other benefits from foreign governments. The new lawsuits are likely to create more trouble for Trump, as he is already facing a congressional and a special prosecutor’s probe into his alleged links with Russia. It is alleged that Russia worked with Trump’s associates to manipulate the US Presidential elections in 2016.

The lawsuit against Trump will be filed today by the attorneys general of Maryland and Washington in the US District Court for the District of Maryland. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said that the lawsuit highlights Trump’s failure to separate his personal interests from his presidential duties. The lawsuit will also talk about Trump’s hotel, which is seen to affect the business of other hotels in the area.

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