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New Philips UHD TV range: rich in variety

  • 6400, 7100 and 7600 Philips UHD TVsdeliver great Ultra HD resolution picture quality for all tastes and budgets.
  • All Philips UHD TVsare powered by Android TV™ for an inspiring Smart TV experience
  • Award-winningpicture quality provides pin-sharp, fluent pictures in Ultra HD resolution independent from the source of content

Amsterdam, March17th, 2015–TP Vision unveiled three new Philips Ambilight UHD TV seriesfeaturing the latest version of Android TVTM for a fast, personalised TV experience rich in features and content. The 6400, 7100 and 7600 series Philips TVs give customers –including price-conscious movie fans, demanding cineasts and gamers – the chance to find the Ultra HD TV that best suits their needs. Unique Ambilight makes their viewing experience even more immersive.

The Philips UHD TV portfolio now spans sets with screen sizes from 102cm (40’’) to 164cm (65’’). The 6400, 7100 and 7600 series Philips TVs will come to market in Europe andRussia in the second quarter of 2015.

Philips 6400 –Ultra HD resolution on a budget

Philips 6400 UHD TVsare ideal for users who want a UHD TV with great picture quality at a moderate price. The 6400 modelscome with Ultra Resolutionupscaling technology, so users can experience movies in Ultra HD resolution on the TVs’ direct LED panel – independent from the source. In addition, Micro Dimming Pro technology optimises the contrast according to the ambient light conditions for impressivedeep blacks and vivid, bright whites, whilstthe motion enhancement technology Natural Motion digitally adjusts and optimises picture quality to display sharp and fluent motion.

Philips 7100 – more vivid colours for lifelike pictures

Philips 7100 UHD TVs with 2-sided Ambilight come with Pixel Precise Ultra HD picture quality engine featuring Natural Motion and Ultra Resolution leading to 800 PMR (Perfect Motion Rate). In addition, they have advanced quad-core powered colour processing technology on board. Colour Booster enhances colour with 17-bit-processing, allowing images to be displayed with up to 2.250 trillion colour shades. Pictures become even more lifelike with natural skin tones, vivid whites, and saturated colours.

Philips 7600 – super-fluent motion in Ultra HD resolution

To meet the ambitious needs of users who love action movies, sporting events and gaming, the Philips 7600 UHD TVs featuring 3-sided Ambilightgo one step further. They come withmulti core power and the award-winning motion enhancement technology Perfect Natural Motion. Itsignificantly reduces judder and provides flawless motion while the advanced 100 Hz panel provides very sharp pictures. In addition, Colour Booster delivers vivid colours and natural skin-tones, Micro Dimming Pro caters for an improved contrast, and Ultra Resolutionupscaling technologycontributes to pin-sharp pictures independent from the source.

Really smart TVs

Powered by Android™ 5.0 (Lollipop), all Philips UHD Smart TVs provide an integrated broadcast and on demand TV experience plus an improved user interaction including advanced features such as voice search and voice control. Versatile connectivity –they support WiFi®, HDMI, DLNA, USB 3.0, Miracast and Google Cast amongst others – moves Philips UHDTVs closer to other smart devices in the house.

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