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Newly Unveiled Suite Of Stock And ETF Trading Applications Promise Retail Traders Confident Buy/Sell Trading Decisions By Using Recurring Price Patterns

Sydney, Australia, 23rd November 2020 Sapphire Capitals is proud to announce the launch of a suite of trading applications for Stock and ETF traders around the world. These applications are aimed at providing the retail traders a systematic approach to Stock and ETF trading that is based on science, mathematics and statistics and help them make objective buy/sell trading decisions with confidence.

These applications provide traders the ability to analyze all the Stocks in an Index or ETFs of the country and look back in history, for as many years they choose to find out the historical track record of recurrence of various price patterns. Rate of recurrence of these price patterns following an event is what provides traders the confidence or the probability of success.

The suite of trading applications include Seasonality trading, Volume spike trading, Price action trading and Seasonality day trading. These trading applications are available for use in over 20,000 Stocks and ETFs in 40 Indices from more than 20 countries in 4 continents including Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas. The Seasonality day trading application is, however, available only for Stocks and ETFs of Australia, India, UK and USA. Details of these trading applications are available at the following URLs:

  • Seasonality:
  • Price action:
  • Volume Spike:
  • Seasonality Day trading:

While unveiling the trading applications, the Chief strategist and Co-founder of Sapphire Capitals, Sid Bhattacharjee told that “Our mission is to leverage the contemporary technologies to organize the stock market data into patterns so that retail traders can make objective buy/sell trading decisions based on the confidence of recurrence of those patterns. ”In an email message, Program Manager Saurabh Srivastav mentioned about the numerous technical challenges faced over the last phase of the development and testing work but expressed delight that finally his team has been able to deliver a robust suite of applications that will help traders “employ a scientific basis to making high probability buy/sell trading decisions using historical price patterns.”




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