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News Flash! Top 5 weight loss secrets by famous Bollywood celebs

We all dream of that perfect figure and getting back in our old favouriteclothes that we loved back then, but does not fit us now. From crash diets to even slimming pills, many of us try to attain that ‘perfect figure’ but fail to achieve the results; obviously because they are not physically good things to do for a healthy body.

When it comes to role models for those longing for a shaped and toned body, no one can beat the Bollywood celebs. They seem to be the epitome of good looks and perfect body. So, why not have a look at their slimming secrets that will help us achieve our goal.

  1. Akshay Kumar (Mantra: Be your own master)

Akshay Kumar

We all know that he is a fitness freak. In spite of the fact that he is from the B-Town, he manages to follow a strict routine of sleeping on time and waking up early morning. His strict lifestyle helps him maintain himself fit and healthy. A martial art expert, Akshay loves adventurous sports, natural therapies, and a balance diet.

  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan (Mantra: Yoga)

Kareena Kapoor Khan

She is the reigning film star and a perfect example for all those people aiming for a healthy and toned body. She highly advocates yoga to get a healthy, perfect and fit body. She became the trendsetter with her ‘size zero’ figure. While dating Shahid she turned into a pure vegetarian, and follows it till date.

  1. Arjun Kapoor (Mantra: CrossFit training)

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun has been one of those star kids who have grown from fat to fit. Before joining the Bollywood bandwagon, Arjun Kapoor struggled a lot with his weight. At 140 kilos, he could not fit into any airline seats because he was in his own words, “fat!”.The journey seems indedd very aspiring; losing over 50 kgs through intense CrossFit training for 20 minutes on a daily basis.

  1. Alia Bhatt (Mantra: Eat Right)

Alia Bhatt

Though Alia never was in the ‘fat’ category, but she follows a healthy lifestyle that keeps her clean and energised always.  “My only mantra is to eat healthy and properly. The most important is to feed yourself right kind of nutrition, right rest and you have to feel internally happy. What will be the point of working out if I will be sitting down and doing nothing? You have to feel internally happy and positive,” Alia shared.

  1. Sonam Kapoor (Mantra: Pilates and swimming)

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam was again one of those star kids who went from fit to fat just before their Bollywood debut. Before entering Bollywood, she used to be a chubby girl weighing around 86 kgs. For her debut film ‘Saawariya’, she lost 35 kgs. Her workout regime included a combination of weight training, pilates, power yoga as well as extensive training in Kathak.

By: Nupur Singh

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