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Night Shift Workers: How to Maintain Work-Life Balance


Working with a nightshift schedule may give you the impression of having to sacrifice all your time for work and rest. In countries like the Philippines, call center services will require you to work throughout the night until the break of dawn. Striking a balance between work and personal life with these types of jobs will require discipline and following a certain living pattern to stay healthy and keep stress out of your life. Here are few tips to follow in order to preserve your work-life balance.

Maintain a Healthy Sleeping Pattern

Working through the night until the wee hours of the morning will be a major adjustment you must make when you become a night shift worker. It’s essential to uphold a healthy sleeping pattern to maintain your mental health, reduce stress, and feel energized throughout your working hours. There’s no one way to go around this. There are various techniques to sleep soundly throughout the day, but what’s important is to fall asleep and wake up around the same time each day.

You can start by creating a routine of relaxing activities like reading a book or watching TV shows to wind down. Make sure to stay away from coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, and tea. All of this is best done in a quiet environment. To help induce sleep, dim your lights, use earplugs, and put your curtains down. It’s also important to be in bed, clear of any distractions, and turn everything off thirty minutes before you sleep. Avoiding alcohol is a must — your sleep must be brought about naturally. 

Establish a Schedule

Making the most out of your day can be done by creating and strictly following a schedule. Establish things to do for certain hours throughout the time you’re awake. This can prevent idle moments that can have a devastating effect on your activities, sleep pattern, and ultimately your energy at work. Don’t plan per day, plan per week! Have a vision of what to do before and after work. If you work from 8 pm to 8 am, list only a handful of things to do before this period. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

You can follow a scheme as such: Set time for your errands, plan your meals for the week, calculate the minutes (or hours) it takes for you go home, give yourself time to wind down, allocate hours for your activities, and then go to bed. How you do it is up to you, but be religious and stick to it.

Eat Right

Aside from adjusting to a nightshift based sleeping pattern, struggling with the lack of energy is one of the biggest problems nightshift workers face during working hours. Sleep is important to stay energized during your waking hours, but you must also eat right. Food is necessary to fuel your body and to keep performing at an optimal level.

Getting proper sleep and eating right will be your best friend as a nightshift worker. Plan your meals out and eat at the same time throughout the week This trains your body to stay regulated during the wee hours. It’s advisable to eat a high-protein breakfast, don’t drink too many sugary beverages, and stay away from junk food. Don’t allow yourself to starve throughout the day. Take intermittent snacks throughout work to keep yourself fueled throughout the day.

Maintain Interaction with Friends and Loved Ones

You may think that working throughout the night will require you to sacrifice much of your time with your friends and loved ones. With proper planning, you can allot your free time during the day by spending time with your friends and loved ones. Your schedule may be different from your day job peers, but there will always be time for them. Of course, interacting with your co-workers during and after work is also healthy for your sanity.

If you’re in a relationship and your partner works during the day, agree on a time for you two to interact. It could be through the phone, a video call, or through instant messaging. Always find the time to share how both of your days went. Keep yourselves updated with what’s happening and you may find that this can also help you manage stress. Don’t forget about your loved ones and drown yourself with work.

Never Take Work Home

To avoid burning yourself out, leave work at work. Don’t let your job take over your life. Yes, you work to sustain yourself, but you still have a life apart from work. When you leave the office, don’t walk out that door with your work persona still on. Drowning yourself with the thought of work will only create unnecessary stress. This can potentially get in the way of your relationships.

If you have a separate phone for work, turn it off when you’re not in working hours unless the nature of your work requires you to. But don’t be a slave to your work. Don’t answer your emails, or better yet, don’t access it when you’re at home. Look for hobbies to get into. Enjoy both your work and personal life!

Key Takeaway

Maintaining a proper work-life balance is essential to staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s key to being consistent with your schedule. Always find time to do other activities to make the most out of your personal life. Work will always be there as long as you focus when you’re on the job. Don’t let either aspect of your life take over. Discipline and time management are paramount in maintaining your work-life balance as a nightshift worker.

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