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Niroshan Malarmaran who is gay by birth! – Endless Dowry harassment

The story that moved me recently was about a father who grieved about his daughter’s life, whose in-laws had made cruelty with her. We believe, that the world has entered into a new millennium, but the dawn of the civilisation has continued to ill-treat and oppress women. There is no words to suffice the agony that has caused the parent. Like it is mentioned in the video, home that is often equated to a sanctuary where individuals seek safety and love on the other hand has only been a place where violence was perpetrated against this girl. Hope the parents seek justice to the case.

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• Niroshan who is gay by birth!

• Niroshan and family hid the fact that he is gay & married my beloved daughter and ruined her life who went through a lot of torture

• Endless Dowry harassment

Watch this video for more details Video link: #safety #abuse #dowry #torture #women

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