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Nitin Gadkari; A Sleepless Night and BJP Government In Goa

Nitin Gadkari is a man of action and strategy; these last few days have not been any different for him. The BJP could not manage to win the majority of seats to form the government in Goa  as it did in Uttar Pradesh and Manipur. It needed a strategist and Nitin Gadkari came as a rescuer under the leadership of Amit Shah and PM Modi.

The BJP was only able to secure the tag of second largest party in Goa with 13 seats in recently concluded assembly elections because of anti-incumbency factor. However it claimed to form the government and did. Today Manohar Parrikar also proved majority in the assembly in the floor test.

Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari said that BJP chief Amit Shah asked him to meet him at his residence for30-45 minutes soon after the results of Goa assembly elections. Amit Shah directed Nitin Gadkari to visit Goa immediately at around 7 pm and strategize to form the government in the state. Hesitant Gadkari indicated less strength but persistent Shah told him that BJP has to form government in the state.  

Gadkari claimed that leaders in Goa initially were hesitant of Manohar Parrikar coming back to Goa and quit the Defence Ministry. He discussed the matter with Parrikar.

All these followed a long sleepless night for Gadkari and the prospective alliance partners of the BJP but a strong rider of Parrikar leading as CM of Goa.

Gadkari also discussed the timeline of events of that night and claimed that at around 1:30 am, MGPs Sudin Dhawlikar and he ha discussion for the support for BJP. Next on list was Vijai Sardesai of Goa Forward Party who visited him later.

At around 5 am in the morning MGP and GFP put the condition of Parrikar becoming the CM and if that condition is met then they will support BJP.

Gadkari and Amit Shah had a word about the condition at 5:15 am and Shah promised him to revert after consulting with PM Modi. It was also discussed that BJP parliamentary board will have to take the decision on Manohar Parrikar. 

At around 8.30 am, Shah informed Gadkari that if Parrikar is ready then BJP must form a government in Goa.

The Manohar Parrikar government today proved its majority on the floor of the Goa Assembly by winning the trust vote with the support of 22 legislators in the 40-member house. 

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