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No-fly list comes into force; unruly passengers can face lifetime ban

Case of MPs and MLAs and other people misbehaving with airline staff or creating nuisance around airports have often been reported. However, from now onwards, such behavior can attract a lifetime ban on flying. This is because the country’s first no-fly list has been released today. The no-fly list has been released by the aviation ministry and it will be applicable with immediate effect. Anyone who is found to misbehave on a flight can be banned for a time period, ranging from 3 months to lifetime. However, the no-fly rule also comes with certain checks and balances to ensure that airlines do not act in a biased way and target anyone as per their personal opinion. The ban on flying would be based on specific rules and not on the personal opinions of the airlines staff.

The no-fly list will be executed when any passenger displays unruly behavior. The level of punishment will depend upon the overall quantum of nuisance created and threat to other people and equipment. For example, if a customer displays unruly physical gestures, verbal harassment and unruly inebriation, they can face a ban of three months. If the passenger displays physically abusive behavior (pushing, kicking, hitting, inappropriate touching), they can be banned for 6 months. In case a passenger displays life threatening behavior including assaults, damage to aircraft systems, they can face a ban anywhere between 2 years to lifetime. The no-fly list will be applicable on all people, irrespective of whether the passenger is a common man or a businessman or a politician or anyone else.

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