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‘No fly’ order for Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad may be revoked

The controversy over the ‘no fly’ order for Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad rocked the Parliament today, as Shiv Sena MPs raised the issue and protested against the ban. They argued that flying is a fundamental right provided by the constitution, and as such, the ban on Gaikwad should be revoked. They also pointed out to the case of Kapil Sharma who was involved in a drunken brawl recently on a flight, but was not banned. However, the protesting Shiv Sena MPs could not get a positive response from the government.


The Civil Aviation minister said that violence onboard a plane can prove disastrous, which is why airline companies have been empowered to ban violent people from flying. However, sources said that due to mounting pressure from Shiv Sena to revoke the ban, the government may consider to change some aviation rules in favor of Gaikwad. The changes might be made in the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) with the goal to balance service and safety requirements. If the government so decides, the power of airline companies to ban violent people may get severely restricted.

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