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No place for sympathizers of banned terror outfits in Delhi schools

For those found to be associated with or holding any sympathies for any banned organization or terror outfit, they will not be able to secure admissions in any of the schools in Delhi. This is a new ruling introduced by the Delhi government based on the recent Model Code of Conduct issued by the Directorate of Education. As per the Model Code of Conduct, any association or sympathy with banned organizations will be treated as “forbidden practice”, which, if found to be true, can lead to denial of admission in case of new students and expulsion in case of existing students.

It may be recalled that several organizations have been banned by the Indian government. The list includes names like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Babbar Khalsa International, Communist Part of India (Maoists) and various other rebel groups of the North East. The new Model Code of Conduct is primarily targeted at students from Class 6 to 12. It would be most relevant for students that come from disturbed areas where such banned organizations may be carrying out their terror operations.

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