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Normal USB Cable Vs OTG Cable: What is the difference

In the modern era of computer and laptops USB is a very common term. USB or if we expand it “universal serial bus”, is a boon to the technological world, it helped to overcome the previous problem of connecting various devices with each other. But now even if we want to charge our phone or connect it with our laptop, USB does it all. Based on the technology of USB, developers created OTG, which helps you to connect the mouse or keyboard or a hard-drive, with your phone or tablet, which then makes your phone the primary device and you can transfer files with the help of it.

What is an USB and its use?

USB consists of two types of endpoints (associated gadgets), like a customer-service interface. One gadget is the PC or any host: it is the server. The various gadgets (which are to be connected) are the customers, and can just communicate with that server. Generally, a gadget can just act in any one role, it wouldn’t bode well for a console-like a keyboard or mouse just to act like a host.

That is how the convention works! And all the connectors are intended to make them simpler for clients: has had the A connector which is in a rectangular shape, while the peripherals have either the B connector or the square ones; or a smaller than normal or miniaturized scale form.

When a gadget acts like a host it is said to be in the host mode. Each USB association has precisely one gadget in the host mode. All PCs consistently keep running in the mode of a host.

What is an OTG and its use?

This is the place USB-On-The-Go (OTG) enters. It adds one more pin to this micro USB port. If an ordinary A-to-B USB link is plugged in, the gadget demonstrates in fringe mode. On the off chance that you associate an exceptional USB-OTG link, it has the stick associated with one side and the gadget functions in the host mode at the other end.

This is a bit confusing because one link has indistinguishable fittings at further ends which do various things. Be that as it may, links with USB-OTG at the two finishes are not common, it’s progressively normal to utilize a connector, with host-mode USB-OTG plug towards a single side, and on the other side a rectangular USB- A socket. You can connect an ordinary USB link to this connector, and it can work regularly.


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