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North Korea rejects UN sanctions; vows ‘greatest pain’ on United States

After UN Security Council passed a resolution approving tougher sanctions on North Korea, the rogue state directed its anger towards the United States and said that it would cause the ‘greatest pain’ to the United States. North Korea said that the pain would be like something that America has never experienced before. The tougher sanctions approved by the UN Security Council were due to the recent nuclear test conducted by North Korea. It may be recalled that North Korea had carried out its sixth nuclear test earlier this month on September 3. The nuclear test was the most powerful conducted by North Korea thus far and it was criticized by most world countries. The nuclear explosion was so powerful that it had created seismic waves measuring more than 8 in magnitude on the Richter scale.

The new tougher sanctions approved by the UN Security Council provides for a ban on North Korea’s textile exports and limiting its import of crude oil. However, North Korea has rejected the sanctions. Pyongyang’s ambassador, Han Tae Song spoke at the U.N.-sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, where he said that the tougher sanctions are illegal and unlawful. He said that North Korea condemns the sanctions in the strongest terms and rejects it without conditions. He also accused the United States of following a policy of political, economic, and military confrontation. He said that North Korea will respond by causing the greatest pain to United States in its history.

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