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North Korea vows thousand times revenge on United States after UN sanctions

The UN sanctions imposed on North Korea have not gone down well with its top leadership and the rogue country has said that it will take revenge on the United States that will be thousand times greater than the UN sanctions. The UN sanctions have been imposed on North Korea for its failure to curb its nuclear program and for the recent testing of the intercontinental ballistic missile. The UN sanctions were imposed two days back, and the same was approved unanimously by the UN Security Council. The sanctions include a ban on coal and other exports, which are valued at more than $1 billion. The draft resolution for the sanctions was presented by the United States, which is why North Korea is seeking to take 1000-fold revenge. According to Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, this is the biggest economic sanction to be imposed ever on North Korea.

North Korea responded to the sanctions through its state media, which said that the sanctions were a violent assault on its sovereignty. It said that the sanctions are just a sinister plan by the United States to isolate and stifle North Korea. It said that such sanctions wont’s make North Korea to bow down to anyone and it will continue to pursue its nuclear program, as long as it faces similar threats from other countries that have nuclear weapons. “It’s a wild idea to think the DPRK will be shaken and change its position due to this kind of new sanctions formulated by hostile forces,” said North Korea’s official media.

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