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North Korea’s crimes against humanity to be investigated more thoroughly by UN

The United Nations (UN) has decided that it will broaden its investigations into the ‘crimes against humanity’ perpetrated by North Korea. The investigations will seek to document the alleged crimes so that the case against North Korea could be made stronger for future prosecution. However, North Korea’s envoy to the UN rejected the stand taken by the UN Human Rights Council. The envoy stated that the UN is being forced into accepting the diktat of United States and other hostile forces. He said that the decision taken by UN is just aimed at strangling the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

The resolution for investigating North Korea’s crimes against humanity was brought by Japan and the European Union and it had the backing of United States. After its approval by UN, international criminal justice experts will be stationed at Seoul to gather all the evidence and testimonies that might be available. Each week, the UN human rights office in Seoul receives dozens of defectors from North Korea, who readily record their testimony. On a yearly basis, the number of defectors from North Korea that come to Seoul averages around 1,400. Most of these people come to Seoul via China.

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