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North Korea’s latest missile test divides world countries

After North Korea conducted yet another missile test, world countries seemed divided, as they pointed fingers at each other. The United States said that the responsibility to control North Korea will be on China and Russia, both of whom have close relations with North Korea. Earlier, Russia had said that any misadventure by North Korea would be United States responsibility since it had crippled the country with various sanctions. Even China said that US is shirking its own responsibility. The latest missile fired by North Korea has the capability to hit the US territory of Guam. The missile flew over Japanese territory before landing into the sea. The missile achieved an altitude of around 770km (478 miles) and it travelled 3,700km past Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido before landing in the sea.

This is the second of North Korea’s missile that has flown over Japan and it makes one think whether this will now become a new norm in the region. Experts said that this latest North Korean missile is the one that has travelled the longest distance till date. The UN Security Council is expected to meet again to discuss options in view of the latest missile test by North Korea. While many nations are proposing direct military action on North Korea, other world leaders are requesting for restarting talks with North Korea. Some experts said that sanctions are forcing North Korea to become more rebellious and unstable. 

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