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Not a scapegoat, says Presidential candidate Meira Kumar

After Union minister and Republican Party of India (RPI) leader Ramdas Athawale mocked Congress that it was using Meira Kumar as a scapegoat, presidential candidate Meira Kumar responded by saying that she is not a scapegoat. Explaining her position, she said that her fight is about ideology and such a fight cannot be a scapegoat. “Anybody fighting for an ideology and appealing to the voice of conscience cannot be a scapegoat. I am a fighter and I will fight and I am sure that many will join me in this fight,” Meira Kumar said.

It may be recalled that presidential candidate Meira Kumar has started her election campaign and today she was in Karnataka to meet the Congress MPs and MLAs at the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee office. Meira Kumar has the support of 17 opposition parties, but that may not be enough since the BJP-led coalition has the support of more MPs and MLAs. When pointed out that she does not have the required numbers to win, she said, “Wherever I go, people tell me that I do not have the numbers. If I do not have the numbers, why don’t you round up the figures and declare the results? Why have the elections?”

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