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Noted transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam invited to speak at Harvard

A guiding light for the transgender community and the society as a whole, the accomplished activist, writer, actor and media personality Kalki Subramaniam will now be taking her message to the global audience. Kalki has been invited to express her views as a speaker by Harvard University. She will be part of the esteemed panel, comprising several dignitaries, who have been invited to present their views at the two-day India Conference organized by Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. In the past, prominent personalities such as Kamal Hassan and Shashi Tharoor had spoken at this conference.


For Kalki, it’s an honor to be a part of such an important forum, something that she shares with the rest of the transgender community. “When I got the invitation on January 1, I was pleasantly surprised. This would be my chance to share with the world the beauty behind the transgender movement in India. I will be talking about this historical movement that also has a strong spiritual context. I will be providing a global context as well and putting the spotlight on how the Indian movement differs from the Western scenario,” she says.

Kalki had faced numerous challenges while growing up. She was often bullied and ridiculed by other students and even some teachers. However, she decided to ignore everything and focus on education. After completing her double masters in Mass Communication and International Relations, she launched the Sahodari Foundation, which focuses on providing guidance and support to transgender people.

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