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Now, pay more for traffic rule violations; Motor Vehicle Amendment bill passed in Lok Sabha

Aiming to curb nuisance on roads and improve safety of travellers, the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 has been passed today in Lok Sabha. Penalties for a wide variety of traffic rule violations have been increased substantially. Some of the key highlights of the amendment bill are as follows:

  • Parents may get three-year jail if their children (minor) are involved in fatal accidents
  • Compensation to families of accident victims increased 10 times
  • The bill addresses issues related to road safety, third party insurance and regulation of taxi aggregators
  • Maximum liability for third party insurance in case of death is Rs 10 lakh; for grievous injury, the max liability is Rs 5 lakh
  • Creation of a Motor Vehicle Accident Fund that will facilitate compulsory insurance to all road users for specific types of accidents
  • Increased focus on e-Governance
  • Improved regulation for testing and certification of automobiles
  • Creation of a National Register for Driving License and National Register for Vehicle registration to improve transparency and accessibility

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