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Now SBI employees can ‘work from home’

The country’s largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI) announced the launch of a new facility today that will allow its employees to work from home. The decision to allow employees to work from home was earlier approved by the Board of the bank. The facility will equip employees with specialized mobile devices through which they can take care of any important issues, in case they are unable to come to office due to some urgent reason. All such devices will be tracked through a centralized monitoring system to avoid any chances of misuse or data theft. The move is being seen as a measure to improve customer services and also to maximize employee productivity.

The framework being setup for the work from home facility will monitored through specialized Management Information Systems (MIS) and dashboards, so that improvements and refinements can be made in record time. The bank also said that in the near future, various other components will be added to the mobile platform such as CRM, marketing, cross-sell, complaints management applications, social media management, settlement and reconciliation, etc. These would help boost employee productivity multi-fold.

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