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Now this is a really “serious” problem for them….

gfsfdYou give them a tough Maths paper to solve, they will do with ease. You say them to reach 8:30 AM class after waking up at 8:27 AM, they will manage that. You put the scariest of professors in front of them, they can handle them. You say them to clear their papers by studying just the whole night, they wouldn’t mind even that too. And why won’t they, they are of the top notch, the “so called”  best engineers of India and the face for India’s Technical Future. They are IITian’s. 

These are people,who become stunned by the sudden change in society’s viewpoint towards them, from the day results are out. But as is human nature, they also exploit the situation well. Even they themselves start believing what society thinks that ‘they can tackle problems well’. After all,this is only what they have been doing the past two-three years.

The excitement of joining “College” and that too IIT, raises their expectations much. Once inside, they sometimes feel dejected by the quality of teaching. Nonetheless, this is one area they can surely manage, owing to their talent. What is most depressing for them is the exceptionally unfair sex ratio in IIT’s. The ratio of 10:1 is so low that now even HRD ministry is planning steps to increase it .This is one such issue that the whole IIT student community and even the alumni support in unison. For the freshers, it doesn’t even take time to realize that “Beta, yaha to kuch hone se rha…kuch baahar hi TRY maarna padega“. But for those cracked JEE, the art of wooing the opposite sex is the most difficult one to crack. In the absence of a course specializing in this,for these emotionally challenged species, the same fate awaits outside too. They are geeky,nerdy,’not their types’ for some and for some they are way too “smart” to handle. After all these hardships,the outcome finally is “Chor yaar….Ye humse na ho payega”. The stories from friends from other colleges aggravate the pain further only.And then to add to their plight, comes the Cultural Fest of the college. These are the days when the environment of the campus seems worthy enough for 3 to 4 continuous night-outs. But when it ends, milta kya hai “Babaji Ka Thullu”.It serves as a pain-killer only, increasing the pain further when the effect subsides.

Finally, what remains at the end is the shattered hopes of a ‘Colorful College Life’. We get a ever single IITian,with his heart singing “Dill ke armaan aasuon me bah gaye” and finding respite in alcohol and cigarette only. And, now this is a problem that they really find difficult to solve by themselves.

By: Satyam Harsh

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