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Nullify the chances of kidney disorder by Check up at Fortis Hospital

Bangalore, March 12, 2015: A long healthy life is something everyone wishes for, the basic essential for this is a toxin free body. Kidneys are natural filters and clean about 115 to 140 liter of blood, removing toxic wastes and fluids by producing about 1 to 2 liter of urine. One in every 10 people in India suffers from chronic kidney disease. However, almost 80% of the patients are unaware about the disease and they visit doctor only when the kidney function has deteriorated. Early detection will help in evading this scenario.

 Keeping up their commitment towards promoting a healthier society, Fortis Hospitals, on the occasion of World Kidney day, will be organizing a patient awareness program on kidney diseases. Furthermore, they are also offering a screening package of tests for Serum Creatinine, Urine Albumin, Ultrasound Scan and Consultation to detect kidney diseases throughout the month of March 2015 at their centers across Bengaluru.

 “Kidney disorders can be avoided by enduring to maintain blood sugar level, monitoring blood pressure, eating healthy. Smoking and consumption of alcohol must be controlled, as filtering toxins released by these can cause serious damage to the kidneys. Most important of all, the kidney functions should be checked to verify the risk factor. Kidney diseases are asymptomatic in the initial stage and can produce symptoms only in the later stage when disease may be irreversible. Simple screening with a blood and urine test can detect Kidney diseases,” said Dr. Mohan Keshavamurthy, Director – Urology, Andrology & Transplantation at Fortis Hospitals.           


To avail kidney screening package offer call and register to 9663367253.

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