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Number of undernourished people in India close to 195 million

In a recent report, it has been revealed that the number of undernourished people in India is around 195 million. These people still do not have a proper diet, which is a basic need, constitutional right and the key to a healthy life. The report also sheds light on food related parameters in various states. It states that Assam comes amongst the bottom five states, in terms of the health of its people and nutrition indicators. The report has revealed an alarming data for Assam, where 36.4 % of children below the age of five years have shown stunted growth. The infant mortality rate in Assam is also extremely worrying at 48%.

The report was presented at a seminar ‘Transforming the Food and Nutrition Landscape in Assam’ held in Assam. The seminar was organized by Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security, India (CFNS) and Inter Agency Group (IAG). The seminar highlighted the need for urgent action to check undernourishment in Assam and discussed the possibility of a new development agenda that would help tackle food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition in the state.

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