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Nurturing talent in the digital industry, central theme of the closing day of FICOD 2014

The last day of FICOD 2014 will focus on promoting training in digital content, with a plenary on talent in which several young Spanish experts, ambassadors of the great training of our professionals, explain its trajectory to encourage attendees to focus his career professional towards this sector.

The protagonists of this session at 9:30 will be: Carlos Baena, cofounder of Animation Mentor, Luis Iván Cuende, 18 years old entrepreneur, founder and co-founder Asturix Holalabs; Javier Buron, CEO and cofounder of SocialBro and Luz Rello, we explain the applications of digital content from the point of view of research. Subsequently, the seminar will 12h Ian Livingstone, co-founder and president of Games Workshop Playdemic, Midoki or Playmob, led an initiative to introduce programming in schools.

We also highlight the seminar wearables that at 10:45, we will discuss the new applications that facilitate our daily lives, with assistance from Benoît Raimbault of FitBit and Julian Beltran Droiders and seminar E-Skills for Jobs-Spain to it hour.

The official closing of FICOD 2014, by César Miralles, CEO of, will take place from 13h15.

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