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October Movie Review

Release Date: April 13, 2018
Cast: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao, Sahil Vedoliyaa
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Genre: Drama, Romance
Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

October may look like just another love story, but it’s a lot different. The filmmakers have also highlighted this fact by saying that October is not a love story, but a story about love. The statement appears to be convoluted, but the logic is quite simple. We normally think about love as portrayed in a love story, but October sends the message that love can take any shape, can happen anywhere and does not necessarily need a love story. This new concept of love played in October is quite refreshing to watch.

The story catches up on Dan (Varun Dhawan), a young individual excited about his new career. Dan is a hotel management student and he is doing his internship at a leading hotel in Delhi. He is there with his batch mates and life is a mix of both fun & excitement and boring chores. One of Dan’s colleagues is Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) and the two are nothing more than acquaintances in an office. However, things change dramatically when Shiuli meets with an incident and is rushed to the hospital for treatment. Her condition is serious and she receives treatment in the ICU. There’s something more about Shiuli that Dan does not know and when he realizes that, he demands answers. The questions lead him to a kind of love that he never thought could exist.

October’s strength lies in its vivid expressions through silence and stoic stares. There’s a good mix of humor and poignancy, which evenly balances the entire story. There’s no melodrama; expressions are just as they would pour out in the real world. The movie is a welcome change for Varun Dhawan, who was beginning to be tied with a specific genre of movies. October changes his image of the shirtless Bollywood hero and transforms him into a bumbling young man who has a lot to learn in life. The fact that Varun delivers without any major issues goes on to show his superior acting skills. All other actors have also delivered good performances in the movie. The credit for making the story stand apart goes to Director Shoojit Sircar, who has worked his magic in every scene.

October offers a refreshing take on what love is all about. If you like stories about love, this one’s definitely for you.

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