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Officers can use human shield if needed, says General Bipin Rawat

Brushing aside the criticism for the use of human shield by Major Leetul Gogoi, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said today that such actions are not a norm, but if circumstances present a specific situation, then officers are entitled to use a human shield or take any other action to protect themselves and others. It may be recalled that some time back in Kashmir, Major Leetul Gogoi had tied up a stone pelter in front of the jeep in order to dissuade other stone pelters from throwing stones at them. Gogoi had said that there was a huge risk on the route as the area was surrounded by stone pelters. He took the decision to tie one stone pelter in front of the jeep to save his life and the lives of others in the convoy.

General Bipin Rawat also rubbished the claims that the Army it utilizing brute force to tackle terrorism in Kashmir. He said that for peace to succeed, the violence needs to be brought down first. He said that dialogue and violence cannot occur at the same time. Rawat also said that the media is presenting the situation in Kashmir in a bad way. He said that the situation in Kashmir is not as bad, as it is often reported in the media. He further said that people are just criticizing, which is an unproductive activity. He said that people should come up with ideas and solutions to tackle the Kashmir situation, which would be much better than just pointing fingers at things and people.

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