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Oil Spill in Tamil Nadu threatens marine life including turtles

After the collision of two ships at Kamarajar Port Limited, near Chennai, fishermen and local people have reported a large oil spill in the nearby seas. It may be recalled that a couple of days back M T BW MAPLE carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and M T Dawn Kanchipuram carrying petroleum oil lubricants (POL) had collided against each other outside the harbor.


Today, morning walkers reported that the oil spill has reached Marina beach near INS Adyar, at Nochikuppam and at Pattinapakkam. Local fishermen have also reported that there’s a strong smell of oil in the sea. Environmentalists said that the oil spill could cause significant damage to marine life including the endangered turtles.

Experts have warned that people should stay away from the oil spill, as it contains benzene, which is harmful when inhaled. The Sea Turtle Protection Force members are currently managing the cleanup operations. The oil is being removed manually using buckets and passed from hand to hand. The organization is looking for more volunteers who can help with the cleanup efforts. The coast guard is also involved in the cleanup operations.

Meanwhile, a notice has been issued to the owner and master of the ship, MV Dawn Kanchipuram, under Section 56 (J) of MS Act.

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