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OKEx, the World’s leading crypto exchange announces ”Moon Landing Programme” in Asia’s evolving crypto market!

OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announces its ”Moon Landing Programme” with unlimited funds to integrate all resources across Asia, bringing their novel technology and blockchain centered products, eyeing towards expanding their market in Asia.

Seychelles, October 20, 2021: OKEx, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges with over 100 million users worldwide, released a statement on Tuesday confirming the launch of its “Asia Moon Landing Programme ”, gearing up to expand its services and technological infrastructure to Asia.

The project will have unlimited funds at its disposal, allowing for a swift and concise integration of the programme into the Asia market. With seemingly endless resources, the focus will be on marketing and bringing the OKEx product to the continent.

The plan has been aligned with the exchange’s leading trading technology innovations. Citing data from CoinGecko, OKEx was ranked as a leading crypto derivatives exchange with 24H trading volume at $22.7 billion. OKEx has long been leading the field not only in terms of BTC futures but also in its ample offering of derivatives products beyond traditional futures. At the beginning of August, for example, skew data confirmed that OKEx had one of the most competitive BTC perpetual swap funding rates in the industry, giving traders an additional reason to make OKEx their platform of choice, particularly for going long on BTC in a bull market. Of the nine major cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, OKEx offered the second-lowest swaps funding rates — at an average of 0.0052% in August. OKEx delivers the most robust trading suite for derivatives.

Traders on OKEx can experiment with trading futures on a wider range of cryptocurrencies than other leading competitors with its perpetual swap product including high-growth popular DeFi tokens such as Chainlink (LINK) and (YFI). OKEx is also one of a handful of exchanges to compete in the growing cryptocurrency options space, currently offering Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH). OKEx is a one-stop trading platform that accommodates users from entry-level to institutions and professional traders. Furthermore, OKEx is projecting more trading mechanisms, as well as systems pioneered in the industry and a minimum estimate of 1000% growth by the end of 2022.

This is merely the first step in the OKEx roadmap to combine and enhance the best of technological advancements with convenient yet sophisticated crypto investment products. OKEx is known for its customer-centric approach in driving growth and the company will be providing extensively localised customer support teams and content to inform and aid the new age crypto consumer’s curiosity.

Commenting on the development, Netero, Asia CEO,, said “Asia has always been an important market for OKEx. At OKEx, our aim has always been to provide top quality products and a seamless user experience to all our users. We’re on track to increase our user base by 10x in the next 12-18 months.”

OKEx believes in the massive potential of supporting society with crypto led innovations. With the Asian market quickly taking to cryptocurrency, the company is striving to provide effective localised products and services to the many emerging markets in the region including India, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the list goes on.

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