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Oncam Extends Warranty for New C-Series and Evolution 05 Mini Cameras

India, 19th April 2021 – Oncam, the industry leader in providing premium 360-degree video surveillance technologies, today announced an update to its existing manufacturers warranty policy. The company has increased the previous 3-year manufacturers warranty to 5 years of coverage for cameras and accessories in the C-Series, including both the C-12 Indoor and C-12 Outdoor Plus, and the Evolution 05 Mini series.

“Oncam has been proud to offer exceptional warranty service over the years. Now, we’re thrilled to be able to extend that coverage and demonstrate our commitment to product reliability and cost efficiency,” said Neil Boyce, VP Operations, Oncam. “Providing a total of five years of coverage for our powerful new C-Series cameras as well as the Evolution 05 Mini devices and all accessories not only adds peace of mind for customers, but also attests to the quality, capability and usability of a Oncam products.”

Under the new manufacturers warranty, strategic alliance partners can take advantage of Oncam’s full 5-year service coverage at no charge. The updated policy will be applicable to products purchased directly from Oncam and will take effect on the day of shipment.

Access Oncam’s product downloads page to find more information about the new warranty coverage and additional product information on the respective datasheets:


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