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One inmate dead in Goa jail as inmates take control of Jail

A prisoner lost his life and a jailor, 2 guards and several inmates were seriously injured as over 49 prisoners took the Sada sub prison hostage. The inmate who lost his life was Vinayak Korbatkar was a murder accused.

The inmates were upset about a petty matter and they resorted to violence late at night. They chased and attacked the jailor and prison guards. The jailor and prison guards have now been hospitalized as they have been seriously injured.

The enraged inmates detroyed a lot of prison property like funiture and property kept in the jailor’s office was also destroyed. The prisoners broke the security ring that was in place and managed to reach the main security gate. They could not escape as additional police teams had been called to contain the situation.

The jail is no longer considered safe due to this incident. The woman inmates have been shifted to the Colvale jail

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