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One man arrested for attack on Rahul Gandhi’s car; Congress says he is BJP worker

While Congress supporters in Gujarat continue to protest against the attack on Rahul Gandhi’s car, the police have arrested one man named Jayesh Darji in connection with the case. The Congress party accused Darji of being involved in the attack on Rahul Gandhi’s car and said that Darji was a BJP worker. However, BJP has already denied any involvement in the matter. The BJP in Gujarat said that the incident was just a political gimmick and it may have been carried out by the secret operatives of the Congress party. The Congress supporters in Gujarat are holding a protest outside the BJP headquarters in Gujarat. They are demanding a full investigation in the case and want the involved people to be booked for their crime.

Rahul Gandhi wants his party workers to focus on helping people affected by flood and to send this message, he posted a tweet that read, “Respect the sentiments of Congress workers in Gujarat protesting against the administration not filing an FIR against the stone pelting but I urge them to divert their energy in helping the people affected by floods in the state.” Almost all of the Congress leaders have reacted strongly over the incident, and many of them blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It’s obvious to see that the Congress party is just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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