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Online Vs Offline: What’s your go to option for jewelry hunting?

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Waiting in a long queue for the jewelers to show you your favorite piece of gold from the collection is a long gone thing. Online shopping is what is trending in the market nowadays. In today’s world of digitalization where everything is delivered at your door step, you definitely do not want to step out in the sun, into the traffic or get stuck in the rush, especially at the jewelry stores during festivities. But the question is whether buying jewels online over offline a better choice or not.

So, let’s give this article a minute of read to clear out the doubts.

1-A look at the authenticity:

Sites dealing with diamonds such as Caratlane are clear about the quality and are certified by GIA, HRD and IGI laboratories, while Bluestone is also a Hallmark, SGL and HKD certified online dealer. Such BIS Hallmark certified sites are sure to be trusted, while a good research of background needs to be done for some other sites before buying the jewelry. Nevertheless, the quality control over online is better than offline.

2-In hand convenient services:

Shop anytime, anywhere and for any size as online services extend a lot of services. You can even choose to deliver a gift at Hyderabad sitting at Lucknow, even on a specified date and time. Get to select the best of the collection and try it at home, return with full refunds or exchange. You even have an alluring option of EMI payment on debit and credit cards, with zero additional charges. With an offline buy, the alternatives and freedom of choices are limited.

3-The price concern:

Do you think the online jewelry sites charge you more? Absolutely not! It is the showrooms that soar up the inventory prices. So what looks like a profitable discount to you may actually be a loss in offline shopping. The online sites, on the other hand goes by a system that blocks the inadequate chain supply and overhead charges. The making charge is usually fixed for the online sites but the offline jewel makers, being opportunists, upsurge whenever the market demand is higher.

4-A walk through the trending Designs:

Who does not want to be updated with the everyday changing fashion! For those who are bored with the same old traditional designs of jewelry, online shopping is the best. The latest designs are always up at the first online while the offline market availability is quite late. Be the talk of the town with the exclusive jewelry collection bought from popular and reliable websites.

It’s totally on you to decide which shopping is better and which deal is a gain, online or offline. So tread carefully and enjoy the joy of shopping this festive season.

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