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Only for Indians – See the International Space Station today

only-for-indians-see-the-international-space-station-todayThe International Space Station can be easily seen passing between our closest planets Mars and Venus, with just the naked eye, that too from India. The ISS will be visible from India on the 21st of December at 6 PM from Kolkota and at 7:35 PM from Mumbai. It will be visible for about 5 minutes in both the cities.

NASA shares data and live feeds about the location of the ISS and its other space programs. This data is aggregated in an application by the name of Stellarium, which helps us to track all man made objects in space. This is done mainly to help photographers to click better pictures from the ground and help propogate space learning and knowledge.

Another great news is that a video of the ISS can be captured with a basic mobile phone camera. It was recently done in Shimla. Another interesting thing is that Mars and Venus have also been visible to the naked eye. All this happening in a year is very very rare.

To capture this rare event some photography enthusiasts have travelled to as far as USA, Canada and France. Such people claim to have astrophotography as their hobby or as their vocation. These events are extremely rare and such photos can command a lot of money. Hence, we suggest you try to get a good shot of the ISS and the planets!!!

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