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Opposition parties including Congress target Amit Shah over comment on Mahatma Gandhi

While addressing a group of prominent citizens in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, BJP Chief Amit Shah said that the Congress was formed only as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to gain independence. He said that the Congress party was not formed based on any ideology or principles, which is why it had no political future. He said that Mahatma Gandhi knew this fact quite well, which is why he had highly recommended the dissolution of the Congress after India’s independence. Referring to Mahatma Gandhi’s mercantile caste, Amit Shah said that Gandhi was a “chatur baniya” (clever merchant) who knew that Congress does not have the proper base or principles, which is why he recommended the dissolution of the Congress.

While Amit Shah was trying to point to the inadequacies of the Congress party, leaders of opposition parties including Congress latched on to Shah’s comment on Mahatma Gandhi and strongly condemned his statement. Even when Amit Shah never intended to hurt the feelings that people have about the great leader Mahatma Gandhi, the opposition parties are misinterpreting what he said and accusing him of disrespecting Mahatma Gandhi. Political pundits said that many sections of the media are also twisting or misrepresenting statements to point fingers at Amit Shah. Many leaders from opposition parties have demanded an apology from Amit Shah.

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