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Opt a condom for a manifold of astonishing unusual

– non-sexual uses also!

maxresdefaultIt is said by the selfless historians that, in ancient time, the several methods of birth control were practiced by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks – who were inclined to be identified as the seekers of sex contentment (by the fiercely seductress ladies comprehensively).

They also say that ancient Greek and Egyptian people liked to buckle their penises (these precisians had the earnest cognation about this very particular niche indeed).

But, we can aver (with precision yet without any collision) that several people of different locus are responsible to invent, reinvent yet to develop the unadulterated useful, invincible tool (which has no corrosion at all) of this new era – the one and only CONDOM.

After taking birth, condom had been using for a specific reason by its trailblazers – to control some one’s birth. Yes, it was a birth control tool only. Then, gradually people started to realise the other worthwhile qualities of a condom also. Eventually they started using condoms to protect themselves from sexually contagious (awful) diseases too. Now, protection from AIDS is absolutely impossible barring a condom as a matter of fact. Yes, it is not an oracle, it true – a condom is not a glimpse thing, and it is a dispensable thing, which will outdo to cope with so many problems actually. But, one should not forget about the verity that – no severe, savage taboo is here to opt a condom to use it for an unusual – non-sexual cause also. A condom really can be used for various reasons yet for several times also. Hence, stop the wavering state of your mind yet make yourself fussy to incline to decipher this seductress yet benevolent article first! –condom

You can use a condom as a shower cap.

  • A condom can be used as an ice pack.
  • The use of a condom as a hacky sack is also possible.
  • Resilient children can play with it instead of a soccer ball or a balloon or a water ballon.
  • You can seal up bags with condoms.
  • A condom can be used with cement and tar to forge a road – as a waterproof material also.
  • In the process of making a Sari (the dress of an Indian lady), you can use condoms to polish the golden and silver coloured threads actually.
  • It can be a container of paints, crime scene evidences, bird seeds, live baits (for fishing purpose) soil samples, water, coins, rocks etc.
  • It can buckle your weapons.
  • It will protect rifle barrel.
  • It will help you out to open a jar lid.
  • You can use a condom as a drain stopper, pipe leak stopper too.
  • If you want to unclog a sink drain,then buckle your fingers with a condom first.
  • For the dead bugs or wee creatures (dead), you can use a condom as a disposable baggie.
  • In the rain, it will buckle the golf kits.
  • In the rain, it will buckle your mobile phone or a microphone.
  • You can buckle your bandages with condoms before you take a shower.
  • It will help you out to start a fire even.
  • On a folding table, use it to buckle the leg bottom.
  • If you want to donate blood, then just fasten a condom around your arm.


By: Mithu Ghoshal

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