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Osculate the inmate of your heart-erection whimsically, frequently and generously

to make her/him overjoyed, overrated, overwhelmed, aroused, and amused yet to yield the ocean of latent acquaintances about your relationship with reliability!

large_hugs-and-kisses-title-3Late Uttam Kumar – the legendary hero of veteran Bengali movies – wildly known as Mahanayak (The Great Hero) was asked by a journalist (of one of the famous local Bengali journals of that particular era) once in his life span – ‘What do you like to eat most?’ He giggled and replied – ‘Two “ch”- chingri and chumu’. Chingri means the prawns (the tiger prawns and the lobsters are also enrolled in the list) and chumu means the kisses.

All of us are aware of Imran Hasmi – today’s one of the most familiar heroes of Bollywood – our very own Hindi film industry of Mumbai – the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. People just love to call him as ‘Mr. Serial kisser.’ Yes, it’s a verity that this very popular hero is famous for the hot, hotter, hottest kissing scenes of his hit films.

The films of another legendary actor Amir Khan and very young but well known (for her impeccable, commendable  acting capability mainly) actress Aliya Bhatt (one of the talented and stunning yet impeccable looking daughters of the legendary film personality – Mahesh Bhutt) are also remarkable for their candid, overwhelmed  yet engrossed  lip lock scenes.

Some of the lip lock scenes of some of the films had created serious controversies also.

These lip lock scenes have the power to immerse and immure a huge number of viewers at a time. People like to witness these types of scenes! But they just love to osculate their spouses, love pals in their own personal lives as a matter of fact!

A kiss is not a stigma. It is a heavenly zip. It will never tantalize you. It will make your life a barge. It is good for your physical body. It is good for your non-physical body simultaneously.  It is too good for your love life – your life – as an integral rather.

It enhances the cosiness of you two, increases the warmth of your relationship.

A kiss has the miraculous power to make both of you aroused, amused, ascended, overjoyed, overwhelmed yet engrossed.

It can revel, prevail and acquaint so many secret in formations of your love life too – very carefully but obediently and obviously in front of the integral university in a tenderly genre.

Just read out the article to know about every angle of this particular niche. –

kiss_tongue1)     The romantic couple desires to reinforce their sexual activities – sloppy kisses denote this.

2)     If you really relish the companionship of your love pal, then you can flaunt up that by osculating in her/his cheeks.

3)     A couple is not so happy with one another – prevails by a closed mouth kiss actually.

4)     If both of you just sweep your lips together diligently, then people will perceive the fact that – you both love each other profoundly.

5)     Those people, who desire enticed physical exploration, will choose French kissing for themselves.

6)     People love to engross themselves in peck kisses in a parting or greeting time or to assume the mentality of her/his actually.

7)     Romantic minded people like to choose single lip kisses generally.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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