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Our Venture will work towards reducing the eWaste impact on our environment, by enabling ethical recycling of eWaste to create Circular Economy

Our Story: We all aspire to be an entrepreneur, where what you want to be is always easier than how you would achieve your aspiration. Finally, I dare to take this decision after over 24 years of professional work experience in procurement and supply chain across various industries. The decision was planned ahead of CoVid-19, but I remained firm on my decision during CoVid and thanks to my collogues and mentors who encouraged me time and again.

Since, this was the biggest change of my life which motivated me to name my venture about change and transformation, as it is constant and inevitable. Alongside the personal aspiration, the business objective needs to be much more powerful to be sustainable. The business objective is conceived out of my latest professional experience of having worked with large MNC with clear focus of environment and sustainable practices inherited within the Organisation.

The foundation of business objective was laid around environment and sustainability with a focus on eWaste management in India. With the concentrated efforts, the idea was incubated in the name of Kar Parivartan, which signifies change or transformation.

Motivation behind our startup is driven by growing problem of eWaste in India. The name directly relates to the purpose of our startup like:

Transform the way we manage our eWaste, by creating awareness about Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle.
Transform the eWaste into usable elements, by promoting ethical recycling.

Transform the way we recycle eWaste, strengthening the formal recycling over informal recycling sectors.

Penetrate and deepen our actions in the entire eco system of eWaste management including Producers, Bulk Consumers and Consumers.
Collaborate with all the stakeholders including Policy makers, checkers and the society for integrated efforts to drive change in eWaste management.
Be Sustainable overtime, by reducing the negative impact of eWaste to our Society, Economy and Environment.

The opportunity is bigger than the problem, but it has lot of challenges around eWaste awareness in B2B and B2C leads to informal recycling, loss of recoverable resources, and environmental impact.

Today, we are living in the digital age and the use of technology is must for awareness to create an impact. We have plans to leverage digital technology for awareness, eWaste management in B2B and B2C in the entire ecosystem of eWaste management. In the next phase of our journey, we expand ourselves to Plastic Waste Management, as an ancillary segment of waste management to start addressing another problem of environmental sustainability, health & Safety. This is just a beginning and we are sure, that all of us are concerned about this growing problem. So wish me good luck, stay in touch and follow us on:

Alternatively – and Toll Free: 1800 5721687

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