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Over 4000 PG Medical seats approved for 2017-18 session

In a welcome development, the government has approved more than 4,000 PG Medical seats for the academic year 2017-18. These seats will be made available in various hospitals and medical colleges across the country. Of the total increase, 2,046 seats will be made available in medical colleges. With this record increase by the government, the total number of available PG Medical seats now stands at 35,117. Aiming to increase PG seats in clinical subjects, the government has taken the decision to change the teacher-student ratio for these subjects in government medical colleges. This has resulted in the creation of 1,137 additional seats that would be made available across 71 colleges.

It is expected that around 1000 more seats will be added since many government colleges are yet to submit their proposal. When these colleges send their proposals, around 1000 more seats will be added by the end of March 2017. During the last one year, an increase of 2,147 seats has been reported in the Diplomate National Board (DNB) seats, which are equivalent to MD/MS. Taking this into account, the total increase in PG medical seats is 4,193 for academic year 2017-18.

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