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Over 60% Indian travelers are open to the idea of travelling solo

Groupon India reveals findings of the ‘Confessions of a Traveler’ survey

Confessions of a Traveler - InfohgraphicNew Delhi, 25 September 2014: Indian consumers have been bitten hard by the travel bug this year, with most rushing to the hills and mountains during the peak summers of Northern India, or gearing up for the upcoming festive holidays. Inspired by this love and enthusiasm for travel, leading daily deals website – Groupon India decided to get into the minds of Indian travelers and find out their travel habits and some guarded travel secrets.

“It is extremely pleasing to know that travel is topping the Indian consumer’s list, with over 97% going on one or more domestic holiday in a year. With our exciting and wide variety of travel deals, and the findings of this survey, we are aiming to effectively tap the Indian traveler, and offer them memorable travel experiences”, said Ankur Warikoo, CEO Groupon India. 

International travel fairly popular; Domestic travel on the high for Indian travelers

While 45% of Indian travelers prefer to travel with family, followed by 32% with friends, a surprising 64% are open to the idea of travelling solo. In the hopes of finding Mr. / Ms. Right perhaps, or wanting to indulge in some quality ‘me’ time and discover their true passions in life.

Domestic travel is at an all-time high with a whopping 97% respondents undertaking one or more domestic trips a year. Cheaper air fares and hotel rates have made international travel more affordable and appealing; this being reflected in the responses of 52% Indian travelers who plan one or more international trips in a year. When it comes to travel style, 41% respondents prefer planning their itineraries and plans in advance, as opposed to picking up their bags and leaving at a short notice. 47% however, responded that their travel style would depend on the situation.

According to the survey, 56% of Indian travelers are explorers at heart, 8% prefer to be safe and visit frequented places, and 36% responded that they were a bit of both.

The wild side of the Indian traveler

While some like to play it safe and be prepared, condoms do not make it to the top five travel must haves for a surprising 64% Indian travelers. Attracted to the idea of romantic escapades in a foreign land, 21% respondents are open to the idea of risqué one-night stands while on holiday, and an identical percentage of respondents confessed to having drunk-dialed someone while on vacation.

A majority of Indian travelers prefer to gorge on food and forgo their diet plans on vacation

While today’s consumer is extremely health-conscious, vacation mode can truly make you forget your diet and weight concerns. 70% of the respondents do not watch their weight while on vacation and go for the grub. Food is as important, if not more, as a tourist attraction while on vacation. Most respondents choose to gorge on local delicacies while travelling, but a significant number prefer to play it safe and stick to known cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Chinese and Mexican. The world’s most popular search engine – Google, emerged as the top choice for travelers looking for advice on local eating joints, places to visit, etc. This was followed by bloggers, discovery guides, social networking sites and local residents in that order.

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