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Pakistan avenges terror attacks; kills 39 terrorists

Pakistani media has reported that security forces in the country have killed around 39 militants on Friday in a nationwide crackdown. The action comes in the wake of a series of bomb blasts that have hit the country during this week. The latest blast took place on Thursday, at a crowded Sufi shrine in Sindh province, which is being termed as one of the deadliest ever in Pakistan, killing 80 people and injuring over 250.

Seven terrorist were killed when they were confronted by paramilitary troops on a highway near Kathor. The troops were returning from Sehwan, which is home to the popular shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, where the suicide bombing took place. Another 11 terrorists were killed during an encounter with security forces in Karachi.

Police forces also killed 12 terrorists in the northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. A large quantity of weapons and hand grenades were seized from the terrorists. Encounters also took place in other parts of Pakistan such as Peshawar, tribal regions of Khurram and Mohmand districts, Balochistan, and Sargodha district of Punjab province.

Pakistani officials said that such crackdown on terror will intensify in the coming days. The government and the military is on the same page, which is why, an order has been issued to eliminate the terrorists.

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