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Pakistani army planning a coup against PM Nawaz Sharif, say reports

As Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members are being probed in the Panamagate graft case, speculations are rife that Pakistani army may be using the Panama Papers investigation to initiate a coup against the current government in Pakistan. Sections of Pakistani media are abuzz with these army conspiracy theories. And it all seems to fit since Pakistan has had three successful coups since 1947 against civilian governments. It is common knowledge that the Pakistani military holds great power in Pakistan and has a major role to play in most decisions, even though it may not be that obvious on the surface.

In Nawaz Sharif’s case, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) tasked with investigating the Panamagate graft case has representatives from ISI and Military Intelligence. And the report submitted by JIT in the Pakistan Supreme Court has already named Sharif and his family members to be involved in money laundering activities. This is the main reason why people in Pakistan have started speculating that the army may be planning to initiate another coup in Pakistan. And this time, they will have a good reason to show to the public after it’s proven that Sharif and his family members were involved in money laundering.

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