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Pakistani defense minister accuses India-Afghanistan for unrest in the country

Pakistani defense minister Khawaja Asif has issued a statement in the Pakistani Parliament that India and Afghanistan are working in collusion to create unrest in Pakistan. Asif claimed that instances of unprovoked firing from the Indian side have increased substantially in recent times. He also said that there have been several cases of violation of the ceasefire agreement along the Line of Control. Asif submitted his allegations through a written reply that was addressed to the Pakistani Parliament. In the reply, Asif has claimed that the ceasefire agreement has been violated by India 1,170 times along the LoC and 257 times across the Working Boundary.

While responding to questions raised by opposition lawmakers in the Parliament’s lower house, National Assembly, Asif said that Pakistan was in the process of improving its border management apparatus with Afghanistan. “Until there is better border management with Afghanistan, the scourge of terrorism will continue to exist,” Asif said. “We have the right to shut the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and protect our people,” he said. “We gave refuge to thousands of Afghans, but we will not keep housing terrorists. The killers of our sons are sitting on Afghan soil, the government needs to take action against them,” Asif said.

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