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Pakistani man stuns Delhi airport helpdesk by claiming to be an ISI agent

In a surprising development that caught the Delhi airport helpdesk unawares, a Pakistani man approached them and told them he was an agent of ISI, Pakistan’s top intelligence agency. He also told them that he has quit ISI and wants to stay in India. The man was travelling from Dubai to Delhi on an Air India flight and he was supposed to catch another flight to Kathmandu from Delhi. When he was at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, he decided to break his journey and discuss his situation with the airport helpdesk. This was probably the first time that the helpdesk must have come across such a situation and it naturally left the helpdesk lady baffled.

Not knowing how to handle the situation, the helpdesk lady quickly informed security officials who came and detained the man claiming to be an ISI agent. When security personnel scanned his documents, it was revealed that his name was Muhammad Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq and he was 38 years old. Rafiq was travelling on a Pakistani passport. When he was questioned, Rafiq said that he was connected with the ISI, but now he has made up his mind to quit ISI and stay in India. The security officials at the airport quickly informed the central intelligence agencies, who took him away to an undisclosed location. He is currently being questioned by central intelligence agencies and his claims are being verified.

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