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Pakistani Marines enter Indian Territory; capture 30 fishermen on 6 boats

On January 26, when the nation was celebrating its 68th Republic Day, a group of Pakistani Marines entered the Indian Waters near Porbandar in Gujarat and captured more than 30 Indian fishermen and took them away along with 6 boats. The exact number of fishermen captured is not known, but sources said that it is most likely to be more than 30.


The problem of Pakistani Marines entering Indian Waters is not new and has been happening since many years. Since an international border has not yet been defined, Pakistani Marines often enter Indian Waters and take fishermen prisoners along with their boats.

As per information provided by Manish Lothani, Director of Porbandar Fishermen Association, there were a total of 10 boats that were initially targeted by Pakistani Marines. However, the fishermen on these boats quickly informed the coast guard, which in turn launched its rescue operation. The coast guard managed to rescue 4 boats, whereas the remaining 6 were captured by the Pakistani Marines.

Lothani also said that the incident shows the cheap mentality of Pakistani forces that carry out such inhuman acts and that too on a day when the country is celebrating its Republic Day.

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