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Pakistan’s own spy accuses his intelligence agency of protecting terrorists

Once again proving something that everyone knows, but is never admitted by Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s own spy has accused his intelligence agency of protecting terrorists. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed Shahzad, who works as an assistant sub-inspector of Pakistan’s Intelligence Bureau (IB), has said that his senior officers in the agency are themselves protecting terrorists. Since he cannot take action against his seniors on his own, Shahzad has filed a petition in a court in Islamabad. The petition requests the court to give directions to the government to carry out a thorough investigation in the matter. The petition seeks a detailed investigation by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which is the top intelligence agency in Pakistan.

However, Shahzad’s knowledge of his country and spy agencies seems inadequate since its common knowledge that even the ISI is involved in not just protecting, but also promoting terrorisms. May be it will take some time for Shahzad to realize what a terrible mess his country is in right now. Meanwhile, the court has agreed to hear the petition. The petition has been passed to Chief Justice Mohammad Anwar Khan Kasi and it is likely to be transferred to Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui since he is already hearing a similar case. “Upon thorough intelligence gathering process, it transpired that certain high officials of the IB themselves are directly involved with the terrorist organizations having linkages with hostile enemy intelligence agencies,” the petition reads.

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