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Pandemonium in Bengal Assembly; Congress MLA hospitalized

Opposition parties in West Bengal staged a strong protest against the passage of a Bill that imposes payment of compensation on public properties damaged during violent protests. The protests led to widespread pandemonium in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, which forced the Speaker to order the suspension of leader of opposition and Congress MLA Abdul Mannan.

However, Mr Mannan stood his ground and blatantly refused to leave the House. Eventually, security personnel were asked to take Mr Mannan out of the House. This created even more pandemonium in the House as Congress MLAs along with Left Front leaders encircled Mr Mannan in a bid to prevent security personnel from removing him from the House. In the following moments, a scuffle ensued, in which Mr Mannan fell ill. He had to be taken to a hospital for treatment. After this, the Congress and Left Front MLAs walked out of the House in protest.

Noisy scenes were already evident when the government tabled the West Bengal Maintenance of Public Order (Amendment) Bill 2017 in the House. Opposition party members shouted slogans and put up flex boards featuring slogans against Trinamool Congress (TMC). A flex also had photos of the ransacked Assembly premises in 2006, which was carried out by TMC MLAs.

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